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32 Red Casino Review

Our experience with 32 Red Casino continues to be terrific. Their huge game assortment, great customer service and superfast payouts are just some of the features that contribute to the amazing quality of 32 Red. In our opinion...

TitanBet Review

Titantitanbet sportsbook logobet certainly lives up to it's name. This big online sportsbook offers over 7500 daily bets. Their interface was recently updated. And we were not disappointed. Although relatively new, Titanbet takes online sportsbetting ...

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Etoro Online Forex Review

eToro is perfectly suited for beginners and more advanced financial traders. Step-by-step video tutorials and webinars inform you about various features and how to use them optimally. Overall, the interface is attractive and mo...

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why gambling is ok
why gambling is ok
why gambling is ok

3 Reasons Why Gambling Is OK

Even today, gambling gets a bad rap. People look down on it as if it is a uniquely terrible thing that only miscreants and mavericks engage in. The fact is gambling is simply another way for a person who is not risk adverse to enjoy life. Stock brokers, extreme sports nuts and erotic asphyxiation enthusiasts are all examples of ways to feed the need of those who are non-risk adverse. Gambling and online gambling are just one other way for certain folks to express this personality trait. But even if you are not one of these, and you are reluctant to take risks, online gambling can still be appropriate for you. Entertainment Value Not everyone is content watching endless reality TV shows or superhero movies. Traditional pastimes like these are extremely passive, as is reading or surfing the net. There is little chance for interaction. Gambling allows for one to be entertained in an interactive environment where there is the element...

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The New Trading Has Arrived
The New Trading Has Arrived
The New Trading Has Arrived

Online forex trading increasing in popularity

We all knew online forex trading is a rising phenomenon. But one must wonder, how will this effect our global economy? Currencies are changing drastically by the nanosecond, oil prices the same and gold and silver are keep getting more valuable. Is this the age where the "average" consumer does not have a lot of interest in regular stocks anymore? Well, this is probably true. Huge corporations have pretty much controlled and dominated this trading form in the past, but the future doesn't bring a lot of hope for the rest of us. Extremely expensive technological developments are givng these businesses even more slack when it comes to stock trading. Meet the nanotrader At least, that's what we call it. This nanotrader will literally scan millions of stock options and scims a calculated tiny profit of each of them. These profits per share are close to worthless. But doing this in bulk, and we mean BIG bulk, will make for a signific...