Change My Looks For My Man

My new partner does not think that my breasts are large enough. Since I have been with the best low cost escorts, I have had several implants to make my bust both larger and firmer. I think my G cup size breasts look great, however, it would seem that my partner is not happy with them. He has offered to pay to have my breasts enlarged even more but I am not sure that it is the right thing to do. I am already known as Tittiana at our London escorts agency and I am not sure that I can handle larger boobs.

What are the downsides to really large boobs? Men don’t think that there are any downsides to really large boobs, but I know that there is. First of all, if you have large boobs, you are much more likely to suffer from backache. The tendons on the front of the chest become strained and the tendons in the back start to take more of the strain. Many of the girls at London escorts who have had what I call extreme breast enhancements suffer with back problems. I don’t really want to end up being another London escort with back problems.

It is also much harder to find the right size bra when you have had an extreme bust enhancement. Even top lingerie shops such as Marks and Spencer will struggle to keep you in bras. You also end up spending a lot more money on bras. Since I had my breasts enhanced, I have ended up spending more money on lingerie and bras than I used to. Sure, I do earn good money at London escorts, but even so, I am having to spend more money on bras than ever before. Don’t for one moment think that big boobs come cheap.

Not only are bras more expensive, but you have to shop more carefully for clothes as well. Most girls at London escorts who gave got large boobs have a special fashion sense. After all, there is no way that you are going to fit into the average size t-shirt. Before I had my boobs done, I used to fit into a size 10 t-shirt. Now, after having my boobs enhanced a couple of times, I need to wear at least a size 14 t-shirt. The problem is that the rest of me is small and that means the t-shirt may not always fit properly. I even think that I look a bit silly.

No, I don’t want to upset my partner or anything like that, but I really don’t want bigger boobs. I have had enough cosmetic surgery as far as I am concerned. Yes, I think that it is great that he is willing to pay for my breast implants but I am not going to go for it. He is just going to be happy with what he has got. I am sure that there are other London escorts who would consider breast enhancements but I have had enough of breast enhancements. Besides, to be honest, his hands are not big enough to handle any bigger breasts.

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